Het nieuwe leren is het enthousiaste leren

The new learning is enthusiastic learning

The secrets of 21st century learning aren’t just the technical possibilities. Of course, technology will take us to another level in the field of learning. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, robotization and machine learning, it will all contribute to new learning. The question is not whether it happens, the question is when.


But still, despite all the technology (even for a technical product like Explorit), the big secret of 21st century learning is: Enthusiasm in the teaching material. It brings enthusiasm to the student. Explorit provides this in an easy way. A teacher experienced with Explorit told us:


Students are enjoying the teaching material. It is something different for them. All students work concentrated in their own rhythm. With the Explorits I created task sheets, with extra assignments for the fast workers.


For Explorit this is the confirmation that our technical solutions contribute to deepening and enthusiasm in the teaching material or in the message. The Explorit technology, developed through a long and innovative process of building and testing, is only a ‘tool’ for the story that needs to be told. It’s a nice confirmation to hear it really works. The technology is not just a trick of clever programmers. Ultimately, the goal of Explorit is to change life and learning through our product in a positive way. Explorit makes it possible to add fun, inspiration, interest to information. What you throw, you get back like a boomerang: pleasure, inspiration and interest. That is exactly what we are doing. That is why we put so much energy in a product like Explorit. The result: customers with stories full of inspiration which give us energy.