Explorit is a clever system with great added value for education in Belgium.

VAN IN, the largest educational publisher in Belgium, uses Explorit

ANTWERP – Filip van Emelen from VAN IN, the largest publisher in Belgium and part of Sanoma, tells enthusiastic about Explorit: “We were searching and experimenting with systems that can convert information into image and interaction to motivate students and to enthuse them for the curriculum. We have tested a number of systems, but we found them too expensive and too limited and not easy enough to work with. Until we got on the track of working with Explorit.”

VAN IN uses Explorit

“In the field of education, we want to offer innovative and qualitative learning materials, both in Flanders and in Wallonia. All our learning solutions testify to our practical view on education and our expertise in the latest digital and didactic tendencies. Working with Explorit fits the education of tomorrow. Explorit can not replace textbooks, but, where a book is static, Explorit can enrich the textbooks.”

Easy to work with

“At the moment Explorit is mainly used in the history field. This lesson material is often described as boring, but through Explorit both teaching material and images are appealing and interactive. And, because Explorit can easily be edited, the curriculum can quickly be adapted to the interest of the pupils up to date. Explorit is also interesting from a cost perspective. The lesson material with images and in-depth information can be built up and adjusted without having to pay extra for it. That gives a free feeling.”

“Teachers are therefore also very enthusiastic. It is a nice tool to support your lessons and it is easy to work with. It can also be used as preparation for the lesson by the pupils at home. The new generation of students are mainly used to watch at pictures and videos. Explorit answers this visual culture with a solution that is attractive and evokes curiosity.”

Discover the content yourself

“Explorit is most similar to surfing the internet: fast searching, quick clicking and quick discovery. You can have multiple ‘tabs’ open to be able to switch quickly from one information to another, because infinite plates can be created and linked. It is much more than a powerpoint. It is a system that presents information in layers.”

“Intricate material is converted to the self-discovery of the content. The layering we can make through the use of Explorit is, as it were, ‘peeled’ again by students. Where previously half an hour of explanation was needed, pupils are now being sucked into the story faster, among other things by animation.”


“We are very satisfied with the Explorit system, but also with the organization behind it. They are close to the customer, listen carefully and continuously develop new (or improved) features. The service and aftercare is very pleasantly arranged. It is highly recommended. It is now our wish to also use Explorit for other courses. Reading education and scientific subjects, for example. It is a clever system, didactically a great added value for Flemish education. It fits perfectly with differentiated education and offering quality content”, according to Filip van Emelen