Through the handy Explorit tool you can easily provide photos or videos with in-depth information. Creating an interactive presentation, interactive infographic or explaining a process or product is very easy.

You don’t have to be a web developer or IT specialist to create the Explorits. Just load the image or video and create buttons and pop-ups wherever you want. A big advantage of our tool is that you can connect the different Explorits to each other!

explorit - interface


Explorit is the tool to easily explain processes, safety regulations or other complex content.


Explain your product or services by connecting several Explorits together (create a chain).


Simultaneously develop yourself and make stories interactive? Explorit is the smart tool for this!

Storytelling: create rich content

Tell your story about your product, instruction or other subject in a simple and understandable way!



On every Explorit (image or video) you van put pinpoints. Clickable buttons which will show pop-ups with content. You can easily embed all kinds of content like video, images, text or any embedded/shared content (like Google Maps, Google Streetview, SoundCloud and so on).


Embedded content

Explorit uses content that exists on internet. You don’t copy images or shared content: you embed it. Just put the URL or EMBEDDED code in the editor and it will load and show the content.


In-depth information

In the Explorit application you can create several Explorits (images or videos with pinpoints) and connect them! You can offer your audience choices so they can click/follow the information they like!



Once you’ve created an Explorit you can either share it by creating a link and share it via mail or any other media, or you can download embed code so you can show the Explorit on your own website (or Content Management System).


Design it yourself

Once you have selected the base image (or video) you can design your own pinpoints/buttons. You can use text, use icons or your own designed buttons (or company branding) within Explorit.


21st Century Skills

Students need (internet) skills to prepared for the future. Create Explorits in a project group, learn some basic code skills, learn which content can be used and which not (copyright)…

Storytelling: Click it, explore it, learn.

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Messages about the development of our tool, market development and user experiences!


Enrich your videos

The average internet user has more and more bandwidth / data at his disposal. It makes the possibilities more and more extensive. For example, streaming video is no longer an issue. That’s great because video is a very effective medium for giving an impression of the atmosphere or to show the functioning of a service / product. But … it can be even better!   Explorit with video background Explorit offers the possibility to use…

VAN IN werkt met Explorit

VAN IN, the largest educational publisher in Belgium, uses Explorit

Explorit is a clever system with great added value for education in Belgium. ANTWERP – Filip van Emelen from VAN IN, the largest publisher in Belgium and part of Sanoma, tells enthusiastic about Explorit: “We were searching and experimenting with systems that can convert information into image and interaction to motivate students and to enthuse them for the curriculum. We have tested a number of systems, but we found them too expensive and too limited…

Het nieuwe leren is het enthousiaste leren

The new learning is enthusiastic learning

The secrets of 21st century learning aren’t just the technical possibilities. Of course, technology will take us to another level in the field of learning. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, robotization and machine learning, it will all contribute to new learning. The question is not whether it happens, the question is when. Enthusiasm But still, despite all the technology (even for a technical product like Explorit), the big secret of 21st century learning is: Enthusiasm in…


Create mind maps or webs with Explorit

A mind map is a diagram, composed of phrases, and / or images, which are arranged in the form of a tree structure around a central theme. A mind map is often used to support creative processes and it’s also a great tool to help studying different topics. Mind maps are mostly used in the work environment, but also in education. Practical examples for using mind maps: brainstorming, designing, organizing, summarizing, taking notes, presenting and…

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