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Create easily an interactive presentation or webpage.

With the handy Explorit tool you can easily provide photos or videos with in-depth information. This way you can easily explain features from products or services. It’s like placing multiple pop-ups on a basic photo or illustration. You do not have to be a web developer or IT specialist for it. You can easily do it yourself and add the Explorit to your web page.

Explorit: THE presentation tool

Click it, explore it, learn.



An Explorit is like a pinpoint. You can place pinpoints anywhere on an image or in a video. These can contain all kinds of in-depth information such as text, video, images, audio or other embedded content.


In-depth information

Within an Explorit you can further click through to another Explorit. This allows you to move from one in-depth information to another in-depth information. You can provide an infinite amount of information and convince consumers of your product or service.


Design it yourself

An Explorit can be completely shaped in your own style. Images, text boxes or icons can act as a pinpoint. Colors and shapes can be easily adjusted via an user-friendly interface.


Suitable for your website

It’s possible to download the code from an Explorit as an HTML file. Then you can place this on your website. For example, you can make a header or image from a product interactive by providing it with the information you want.



An Explorit is easy to share, for example with your colleague or customers. Through email or Whatsapp you share the Explorit with whomever you want. At all times you and others can reach your Explorit.



You don’t have to be a web developer or IT specialist. You can easily do it yourself.

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