Beyond the horizon…

Explore like a bee!

People are real explorers. Those who learn the most are actually people who are most curious. What is behind the horizon? When we are young, we are like a sponge. We absorb information, make it our own and make new combinations of it. We seek our own role and our own identity in the world around us. At school this information was initially given in a directive manner. There was a transmitter and a receiver.

Nowadays it’s quite different! Children explore themselves. The digital world invites you to go from one page (layer) of information to another page (layer) of information. The visual aspect in particular, plays the main role in this. From reading and listening, we have migrated to watching and experiencing. Swiping and clicking, we quickly surf to what we want to know, or triggered to explore new things.

Through smart interaction design we are triggered to explore and receive information about all kind of subjects. Sometimes we see content (text, images, video) but we don’t really know any more how we got there.

Our product…

With this in mind we developed Explorit! This tool provides the user an interface to enrich images or video with extra information or links to other shared content! The “storyteller” can create very easily her or his story and share it with everyone. There are no specific skills needed to create a story so it’s extremely usable for education, product explanation and technical instructions.
From image to text, to video, listen to audio. The information is absorbed by the “user” and is drawn into it. It’s like a honeybee flitting among flowers in a garden. Thats’ why we used the bee in our logo. The wings of the bee can be recognized in the logo.

Storytelling of emotion telling

The power of the story has everything to do with the content. Explorit puts you in charge of your own powerful story in an easy way. Explorit makes it worth telling your story by adding visual value. Broaden your horizon, see what lies behind it: