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With the handy tool Explorit you can easily make a presentation or a use it for a lecture. Obviously, Explorit is also suitable for explaining teaching material in an understandable step-by-step way. You can easily provide photos or videos with extra information. It works easier than Prezi or PowerPoint and it’s accessible everywhere via a login. You do not have to be a web developer or IT specialist for it. You can easily do it yourself or together.

Explorit: THE presentation tool

Click it, explore it, learn.



An Explorit is like a pinpoint. You can provide each part of the subject with in-depth information such as text, video, images, audio or other embedded content. This way you can easily enrich your teaching material, presentation or lectures.


In-depth information

Within an Explorit you can further click through to another Explorit. This allows you to move from one in-depth information to the another in-depth information. This way you can explain the topic step-by-step, but also go into all elements in one overview.


Design it yourself

Once you have selected the base image (or video) you can design your own pinpoints/buttons. Colors and shapes can be easily adjusted in an user-friendly interface. This way you always have a personal interactive presentation.


Everything online

You create the Explorit online and you provide it with online content such as YouTube and Wikipedia in it. Through a login you can always reach the presentation online. Super convenient, also for co-operating projects.



An Explorit is easy to share. You can either share it by sharing a link via mail (or any other media) or you can download embed code so you can show the Explorit on your own learning environment). At all times you and others can visit your Explorit.


21st Century Skills

Through Explorit, students develop competencies that they need to participate in the society of the future. You train different skills, such as creativity, collaboration, communication and ICT skills.

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