In this Release Notes we will show you the major changes/upgrades of the Explorit system. If you would like additional functionality please let us know! If there are more requests for the same functionality we might implement it in a following release.

Release notes


  • Bugfix: Existing hotspots with no background color defined should show transparent bachkground instead of red.
  • Bugfix: Bij een smalle tekst-hotspot werd de tekst niet meer afgebroken bij de spaties.
  • Bugfix: Button ‘Close Explorit’ should return you to the previous page


  • Bugfix: Styling tags on available for departments.
  • Bugfix: New hotspots should show the correct styling.
  • Bugfix: Changing hotspots should show the correct styling


  • Disabled switching different types of hotspots on editing a hotspot.
  • Bugfix: Storey hotspots on existing Explorits with no storey Explorit selected.


  • Bugfix: Breadcrumbs and backbutton should work as expected.
  • Added function for changing Department on Explorits.


  • Bugfix: Popupbuttons won’t show in some situations
  • Bugfix: ‘Show titel’ settings not saved correctly
  • Bugfix: Change source on Video Explorit
  • Added check on ‘not selecting a storey’ on storey hotspot
  • Added check for wrong input on colorpicker.
  • Added ‘created at’ date at Explorit overview.

Some major changes:

  • Creating tooltips in a pop-up.
  • Minimize and maximize pop-ups.
  • Colour picker for hots-spots, icons and text.
  • Easy icon picker from Font Awesome.
  • Branding (Corporate identity).
  • Release of Explorit.